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Post by Stallmp on Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:18 am

TTO Atheneum/Atheneum
Struggle against advanced information, and imagine the diffirence between now, and then.

The lessons of TTO Atheneum starts at Tuesday: 16:00 UTC +0.00.
The lessons of Atheneum starts at Tuesday: 17:00 UTC +0.00
What you are going to do on the day will be mailed to you by the teacher.
Atheneum is available at the location Raai
When you cannot be there, please PM me to sign off.

Is Atheneum Difficult?
You should be sure about joining the Atheneum Grade. It is very difficult, and you have to complete many work correctly.

Can I do TTO Atheneum instantly?
Yes you can sign up for TTO Atheneum, but be sure.

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