Location: Waskemeer

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Location: Waskemeer

Post by Stallmp on Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:31 am

Waskemeer | CSG Wiudger
School for vmbo and havo/vwo

With us, every lesson is 15 minutes long. It's an useful way to provide students the ability to have the knowledge in your head. (Long-Term Memory)

Behavior on school
Waskemeer is a small school where everyone get used to know each other. That ensures for a good bahavior on school. Besides, the safety on school is safe according to many people.

Attention for English
This school spents many attention for English. We stimulate you to read many books/texts etc. That is not only fun, but you also learn alot from it.

(This school provides the same grade as Burgum. It's just on another location.)

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