Influx: True Darkness

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Influx: True Darkness Empty Influx: True Darkness

Post by Guest Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:55 pm

Dear Illuminati,

We kindly disagree with your 'New Minecraft Order' plan. You recently captured our location for your basement, and we do not allow that to happen. We are the true goodhearted darkness, and you are demonstrating everyone that darkness is filled with Satanic junk. Illuminati, you shall fall and we will eliminate you as a faction.
We shall not allow this to happen, innocent people do not have the rights to be attacked. You have been warned. We analysed where your basement is. We can now easily attack you, but we will do it slowly in phases. Running is not a possibility. Fight back, and show us your true powers. Your chance of success is low unfortunately, compared to our true darkness.

Greetings, Influx.


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Influx: True Darkness Empty Re: Influx: True Darkness

Post by Guest Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:27 am

You do not have enough powers to terminate us. We will show you the true evil darkness. Soon the New Minecraft Order will be released after Satan and Lucifer arrived. How dare you to attempt to stop us?


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