Illuminati: Completion

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Illuminati: Completion Empty Illuminati: Completion

Post by Guest Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:06 am

Dear Members,

We are happily announcing you that the influx and Christianity has been beaten successfully. The new world order has finally been started! Here are the NEW government laws.

1. Your Leader Satan is Stallmp and chaosrider12345
2. Everyone who does not belong to the illuminati will be set to the group: Noob with no any command permission. You can only build and satisfy from your laziness.
3. When joined the illuminati, we require you to make illuminati symbols. You will also receive 1 million cash for it.
4. The rules has been removed. You can do whatever you want, except griefing.
5. We require you to listen to Satan Stallmp and Satan chaosrider12345.
6. You have to be at the churches on Sunday whenever you come online.
7. Everyone being Anti-Illuminati, will be instantly banned from the server.

When breaking ANY of this laws, you will be instantly banned from the server.



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