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Post by Stallmp Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:04 am

God (In purple color) [The god of all Gods]
God (In green=Nature, In blue=Water, etc) (Not sellable) [Title for Gods]
Nature (Not Sellable) [Title for People with a God]
Water (Not Sellable) [Title for People with a God]
Fire (Not Sellable) [Title for People with a God]
Electric (Not Sellable) [Title for People with a God]
Godless (Not Sellable) [Title for people with no god]
Information: To become a god, you will have to ask an Admin to become a candidate. Only staff members can become gods, as they're trustworthy and responsible for any wrong actions they perform. To get the title Nature/water/fire/electric (Title for people that believes in 1 god), you will have to ask an an Admin (/einfo staff). You will get the title for free.
Water kills fire (Light Order)
Fire kills nature (Dark Chaos)
Nature kills electric (Dark Order)
Electric kills water (Light Chaos)
Water: Ice,Snow,Rain
Nature: Tree's,Sun,Grass
Fire: Nether,Lava,TNT
Electric: Lightning,Storm,Electricity

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